Hi✌. I'm a french graphic designer curious about building apps and websites, designing fonts and printing stuff.


I've been a freelance graphic designer since 2012. I aim to design clean, simple and universal identities and communicating tools, with a strong focus on type and layout design.


Musées d'Angers, Fond régional d'art comtemporain de Picardie, EDF, Parti Socialiste, Joséphine pour la beauté des femmes, Salon Lucia Iraci …


I'm also deeply curious about programming and code. I learnt the basics over the past few years and recently tried my hand at some more advanced stuff … and loved it !


I know modern html and CSS. I'm getting comfortable with Javascript and jQuery. I am curious about Python and NodeJs. I work on either Atom or Sublime-Text and like to use npm, Gulp, Grunt …


In 2015, I co-founded Ithaac, an independent publishing house. Feel free to visit our websites here and there.

I'm also part of the design duo Fargetton-Papadato. You can take a look at what we do here.


All images by Romaric Fargetton, exception made for : exhibition view by Marine Combes ; Faros tote bag shot by François Baglin.

Copyright Romaric Fargetton, all rights reserved.